Clinic Tour

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Dr. Curtis H. Geary

Dr. Geary has been the owner and operator of Geary Veterinary Services since 2000.

Reception Area

Clients arrive for their pet's appointment.

Clinic Office

Our office staff does their best to provide a friendly experience for both you and your pet.

Examination Room

Pets are examined thoroughly by a doctor, with the opportunity for clients to bring up any questions or concerns that they may have.


We have an on-site pharmacy with current and up-to-date medication for our patients.


We also have an on-line store where non-prescription items can be ordered as well as approved prescription refills.


State of the art in-house coagulation screener, in-house endocrinology testing, cytology, urinalysis, etc. give clients' a peace of mind without having to wait days for test results.


We are associated with two major reference labs for microbiology and more in-depth testing. We offer complete blood count and blood chemistry testing.

Surgical Suite

Our surgical suite is equipped with up-to-date equipment to provide as safe as possible surgical procedures.

Surgical Staff

Patients are monitored before, during, and after surgery by our trained surgical staff, which includes a licensed veterinary technician.

Client Education

Client education is provided through our newsletters, bulletin boards, magazines and handouts which are given to our clients.

Prescription Diets

We offer Purina and Hill's Prescription diet foods for conditions such as diabetes, joint problems, urinary problems, as well as overweight management.

Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy helps wounds and sores to heal faster. It can also help with arthritis, dermatitis, pain relief and other conditions in our pets.